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Steps to building an engaging employee recognition program

While creating an Employee Recognition Program, associations need to guarantee that the program is demonstrated to suit them and accomplish the ideal objectives and goals. While there probably won't be a one-size-fits-all program for each organization to utilize, the steps underneath will assist every association with making a generic but customized program.

So, if you’ve been stressing about how to get your employee recognition program up and running, stress no more. The steps we’ve listed beneath will get your program off the ground in no time.


1. Establish the appropriate foundation point for the program

The initial phase in building your Employee Recognition Program is to establish the groundwork for it. This establishes the vibe for how the program will work and flow eventually.

For anything to begin in good light, it’s very important to inquire and self-question on the various segments. Acknowledge things that you would want and discard the others.

A few questions that should be there in mind are:

For what reason would you say you are making this program?

What objectives do you expect to accomplish with the program?

How might you set up the program?

If you have these questions covered, you can satisfactorily take care of the other things.


Structure the program in a way that easily fits into the organization's work process. Likewise, set banners and markers that will distinguish regardless of whether or not you're as yet on target. This above and beyond includes guaranteeing that the program lines up with your organization's qualities and in any event, finding out about the required financial plan.

2. Figure out what your employees care about

For making a viable employee recognition program it is important to distinguish what sorts of rewards and awards your employee and representatives would appreciate the most. If you have any desire to give a prize that will illuminate your representatives' eyes, determine from them what they would like!

Remember that there ought to be some assortment as far as employee awards. Thus, the program ought to highlight various types of rewards, for example:

Actual gifts

Peer-to-peer acknowledgement

Paid time-off


A social media shoutout or a spot on the organization's mass of acclaim

An extraordinary moment, like lunch, with organization pioneers

3. Focus on the dynamism

Use interviews, surveys, and feedback sessions to find out how your employee feel about it. Monitoring the impact of the program will uncover any failure points. You then, at that point, have the choice of going to the planning phase or taking out the failure point altogether. All the more significantly, you can stoke the region of the program that is yielding positive outcomes. It is important to focus more on dynamism and be observant, in general.


4. Create a strong execution plan

The centre of an employee recognition program is its execution. Keep things straightforward. Don't overcomplicate things by setting non-accomplishable principles. Additionally, accomplish what is said and promised. If specific representative rewards have been guaranteed, make sure to convey only that. It will assist with protecting your workers' confidence in the program. Use programming that is intended to help representative acknowledgement goals.

Do you need the employee recognition program to come around?

5. Loop in your Company

Do you need the employee recognition program to come around? make your whole organization mindful of it, and urge them to genuinely take it. Besides, guarantee that support is gotten. A reliable method for doing this is by showing the way that the program combines the association's present qualities. The arrangement and understanding of that stream hence precludes pointless inquiries concerning the cycle and any potential charges of its injustice.